Viola Davis Won Her First Grammy Award at the Age of 57, and We Couldn’t Be Prouder

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Viola Davis is an actress, producer, and director who has appeared in a number of films, including The Help, The Woman King, and Black Adam. Starting her acting career on stage, her deep performances leave powerful marks on viewers, which have earned her many awards. And this year, she received a Grammy Award.

She started off her acting career as a Broadway performer.

Before landing memorable roles, like Rose Maxson in Fences, Viola Davis began her acting career in school productions and theater competitions. She also continued her schooling at Rhode Island College and got into The Juilliard School later on. She made her Broadway debut in August Wilson’s Seven Guitars in 1996.

Viola Davis’s Grammy was for her audiobook.

February 5, 2023, has become a milestone for actor and author Viola Davis, as she won her first Grammy for her autobiography, Finding Me. “It has just been such a journey,” Davis said in her acceptance speech at the Grammys. Not only that, but she has also received multiple honors for her work, both on stage and on-screen.

Finding Me was written to honor the little version of herself.

The book tells the story of her finding the purpose of her life when she was a child. “I celebrate all of it,” she explained in an interview. “It’s given me an extraordinary sense of compassion and it’s a huge foundation for my work.” She’s hoping that the award would make her younger self proud.

Her struggles with “impostor syndrome”

Despite her awards, there was a part of her that felt self-doubt and insecurity. “It feels like my hard work has paid off, but at the same time I still have the impostor, you know, syndrome,” she said in an interview. But then she got some answers, saying “[Impostor syndrome] is not about confidence. It’s about the feeling of always feeling you’re in a process.” She believes that every role that an artist plays is a learning curve.

Which Viola Davis movies are your favorites? How would you explain the achievements you’ve made in your life? Tell us in the comments, we can’t wait to read yours!


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