A Blogger Exposes Her Selfie Secrets to Show That Imperfection Is Perfection in Its True Form

3 years ago

Almost everywhere you look on Instagram, you see fit bodies with flat tummies, perfectly sculpted legs, and butts that would make even Jennifer Lopez jealous. It’s easy to get in your head and forget that real people don’t actually look like that. Blogger Zoe Novota, the founder of the Everybody Fitness program, likes to remind everyone that you’re unlikely to get that perfect look, even if you work out consistently.

We at Bright Side believe that being healthy isn’t about looking a certain way, and we’re so happy Zoe beautifully embodies that on her Instagram account. Hopefully, her photos will make you feel better about yourself whenever you’re feeling down or unmotivated.

“In a matter of seconds, I can make my body look so different.”

Zoe Novota started posting a series of photos depicting herself in different poses. On the left, she’s always flexing and trying to display the best possible angle. But on the right, she shows how she looks without any effort. She does this in order to show people how easy it is to manipulate a photo, but ultimately, for what purpose? As Zoe writes: “I don’t need to look a certain way to be fit and healthy and feel good about myself.”

“Posture is so important!”

Zoe says she doesn’t judge people who pose in a specific way and “there is nothing wrong with wanting to capture the ’best’ version of ourselves.” She just wants others to realize there’s also “more to our bodies and more angles to embrace and learn to love.”

“Here is a 30-second transformation.”

Another important message that Zoe wants to send everyone is that even with a regular fitness regime, you may not get that coveted Instagram body. She’s someone who “works out almost every day and eats healthy at least 75% of the time. She is also still 100% beautiful and strong.” And we couldn’t agree with her more.

“Have you ever bought a pair of leggings and been disappointed when they didn’t look the same on you?”

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and be grateful for the bodies we all have. Zoe writes: “Start believing things about [yourself] that you believe about all the beautiful ladies on IG.” We should all be about that self-love and embrace every lump and bump on our bodies instead of frowning at them.

“They are both pictures of me, both beautiful, both worthy of love, both worthy of posting.”

Ultimately, Zoe’s point is that we don’t always “walk around in the best light, at the best angle, posing and flexing every second.” We don’t judge other people we see in real life for having imperfections, so why be so hard on ourselves?

Have you ever tried making yourself look better in photos by posing a certain way? Do you think it’s misleading or just a matter of personal preference?

Preview photo credit zoenovota / Instagram


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