A Brazilian Artist Adds His Drawings to Instagram Users’ Photos, and the Results Are Hilarious

5 years ago

Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian photographer and illustrator based in London. Before becoming an artist, he was an ordinary office worker, but a sudden event completely changed his life — a brick fell from a building right in front of him. This accident made him think about his lifelong dreams. So he decided to quit his job and devote his whole life to art. The most popular of Levitan’s projects is called “Photo Invasion” — the artist adds his drawings to unveil the hidden stories behind other’s Instagram photos.

Bright Side compiled 25 of the most brilliant pieces he’s come up with for this Instagram project.

25. Pumping up muscles

24. “This doesn’t fit!”

23. “We have an emergency here!”

22. “Here’s your toilet paper, sir.”

21. When you have everything you need on a deserted island:

20. A living airplane

19. The scream

18. Taking a selfie

17. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall...”

16. “Good girl! Here’s your treat!”

15. “Let’s meow along!”

14. A perfect balance

13. A sea blanket

12. Looking for home

11. A new type of Godzilla

10. A real handmade bridge

9. Frying at the beach

8. Cats need their personal tailors too.

7. Cutting the edges

6. “Look at my belly button!”

5. Monday’s getting closer...

4. Caught in the net

3. Scored!

2. “Wake up!”

1. Mowing the back

Do you want to be invaded too? Then share your photos on Instagram, add the hashtag #iwanttobeinvaded and wait for the results! And don’t forget to tell us your opinions in the comment section below!


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