A Bride Secretly Brings a Wedding Dress to Her Sick Grandma to Share One Last Moment Together, and Even the Titanic Isn’t As Touching As Their Story

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Wedding planning isn’t an easy journey, since there are lots of things you can’t control. And Tara Foley, a bride-to-be from Texas, found herself in one of these situations. Months away from getting married, she discovered that her grandmother was put into hospice and wasn’t able to fly anymore. But she wanted to be at the wedding so much that Tara had to find a way to involve a person, that she holds dear, into the celebration.

Bright Side brings you this story as a reminder that it’s possible to find a way around any situation, we just have to look at things through a broader lens.

In her viral Facebook post, Tara revealed that she knew about her 102-year-old grandma’s last wish. Her hospice nurse asked her about it, and she replied that, most of all, she wanted to be at her granddaughter’s wedding. But that was unlikely to happen because of her advanced age and failing heart.

So, what can you do if there is no way your grandma can make it to your wedding? You bring your unaltered wedding dress to her and do a whole photoshoot together. And this is was exactly Tara’s plan, while no one in her family knew anything about it.

She showed up at the hospice center and her grandmother was told she had a visitor. Tara was there in her complete bridal look, waiting for her grandmother. Later, she wrote that this was one of the greatest days of her life, “Words cannot explain how much these moments mean to me and I’ll cherish them for the rest of my life. Her smile and her laugh are forever etched in my mind and the love between us will live in my heart.”

Tara added that they both knew that was going to be the last time they saw each other. “She grabbed my cheeks with her hands, looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘I love you very much,’ and 27 days later, she passed away.”

But the story doesn’t end there. At the wedding, Tara surprised her family with these tender photos. And it’s a good thing she did it before everyone had their makeup on. Even though grandma had already passed away, she was still there through these photos and shared memories. Tara wanted to make her wish come true, and we believe she managed to do it.

How do you feel after reading this story? Let’s remember our wonderful grandmothers and share pics of them in the comments.


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