A Company Turns Kids’ Artwork Into Vibrant Clothes (Your Kid Can Design Their Own Too)

4 years ago

Candy, rainbows, flowers, and magical creatures — there are so many fascinating things and ideas inside kid’s heads! Picture This Clothing decided that these ideas shouldn’t just have to stay in their imaginations and gave kids a chance to create on a larger scale. With their help, kids can become their own designers and style a unique piece of clothing for themselves. They can be sure that this will be one of a kind!

Bright Side was amazed by this whole idea and is interested in the results. We can’t wait to share with you the brightest and most vivid clothing compilation we have ever seen. And honestly, we want to design some too!

1. My daughter designed a dress as colorful as she is. So cool!"

2. A sweet and romantic dress for a dreamy lady!

3. Your days will never be dull when you’re wearing such a bright piece of clothing!

4. Modern princesses design their own royal clothes.

5. “If you’ve still got leftover Halloween candy... Design your own!”

6. It’s hard to not notice such a cheerful person.

7. Friends in life, friends in clothes.

8. “Scarlett turned 7 and wore her beautiful design for her birthday.”

9. A peanut butter & jelly fairy

10. They brought their imaginary worlds to life!

11. A young version of the Little Mermaid!

12. Fully ready for Christmas

13. She’s going to get orders from the famous fashion houses, we just know it!

14. Sometimes you get tired of all those flowers and rainbows and want to change up the vibe.

15. “Cassidy has been wearing rainbows and bright colors and decided to design her own Pride T-shirt. It turned out so cute!”

16. “Our youngest daughter designed her first dress and she couldn’t have been more excited.”

17. If spring was a human, she would look just as amazing as her.

18. The perfect dress for a little daydreaming

19. “Such a fast and fun process! My girls are loving their creations and showing them to everyone.”

20. “The designer and her father created their own artwork inspired by the classic book.”

21. Young artists in action

22. The best way to remember your summer vacation is to put it on your dress!

23. Glitter is a girl’s best friend.

Would you or your kid want to design their own clothing? Which design would you choose? Let’s share in the comment section!


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I'm not a little girl anymore, but I would want one for myself


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