A Complete Guide to Finding a Dog to Perfectly Match Your Personality and Lifestyle

4 years ago

When they become dog owners, many people choose a breed based on its appearance or what’s popular at the time. But professional dog trainers and experts suggest paying attention to other chacteristics. They believe that everybody will be happy when the dog’s needs match the owner’s lifestyle.

There are so many dog breeds and every dog needs a good home. Bright Side wants to help you to choose the perfect dog for you.

Guard dog

If you want a dog to look after your home, you should probably consider a Rottweiler, a Doberman Pinscher, or a German Sheppard. These breeds are natural guard dogs so they don’t trust strangers and they'll protect your house.

Unfit breeds:

  • Retrievers: these dogs are way too friendly and every thief will be welcomed with a wagging tail and a slobbery tongue.

Family dog

This is where a Labrador or a Golden Retriever would be unbeatable since they love children and are always ready to play. And nothing makes them happier than running after a ball. If the size is too big, consider getting a beagle.

Unfit breed:

  • Pekingese: this breed prefers to be the only child in the family.

Athletic dog

If you go for a run every morning and need a training buddy, consider a Pointer or a Setter as they are built for running. If you want something a bit smaller, a Jack Russell Terrier might be a good choice.

Unfit breeds:

  • English bulldog or a Pug: they will struggle from overexercising.
  • Any large stocky breed: they might be too heavy and the forced running may damage their joints.

Lap dog

If you want a cuddle buddy who is always happy to rest on the couch while you are reading a nice book or watching your favorite TV show, a French bulldog or a Maltese would be perfect for you.

Unfit breeds:

  • Any working breeds: they require lots of exercise.

Dog for busy singles

Generally speaking, dogs are social animals. But some breeds are more suited for being home alone than others. If a dog will be on its own most of the time, think about getting a Shar Pei or a Basset Hound.

Unfit breeds:

  • Retrievers or Collies: they like and require constant socialising.

Dog for seniors

If you are retired and can finally spend more time with your furry friend, a good option would be a Boston Terrier, a Pug or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are affectionate and playful without requiring hours of exercising.

Unfit breeds:

  • Large dogs: they are very active and require a lot of attention and exercise.

Dog for an apartment

Surprisingly, the size does not always matter – the temperament does. If the dog is small, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will be happy living in an apartment. Consider getting a Yorkshire Terrier or a Bulldog.

Unfit breeds:

  • Chihuahuas: they are tiny, but they are very active.

Dog for multi-pet households

If you already have pets at home, you must choose the breed carefully, as you surely want your pets to get along. Retrievers, Collies, and Spaniels are always happy to have company to play with.

Unfit breeds:

  • Terriers or fighter dogs: they have beautiful personalities, but it's in their nature to be competitive.

Dog tolerating hot weather

Most of us love summer, but not all dogs will agree with you. Surprisingly, many short-haired breeds would seriously struggle in a tropical climate as it depends not only on the coat but on the facial structure and the size. Terriers are what you might consider and they come in all possible sizes.

Unfit breeds:

  • St. Bernards, Samoyeds, and Boxers: these breeds do not feel well in hot weather.

Dog tolerating cold weather

The breeds that prefer a colder climate normally have a thick double coat and more body fat. As you probably expected, a good choice is a Malamute, a Husky, or a Samoyed.

Unfit breeds:

  • Doberman: they hate the cold.

Dog for a newbie

If you are a new dog owner, then a Labrador, a Border Collie, or a Poodle will be perfect for you. These breeds are very intelligent, relatively easy to train, and they're not stubborn.

Unfit breeds:

  • Schnauzer or Terrier: require more patience.

Hypoallergenic dog

If you are allergic to dog hair, it doesn’t mean you can't have a dog. Dander, which is attached to pet hair, is the most common cause of pet allergies and Schnauzers can be a good choice since they're known for producing less dander than other breeds. Another good option is a Poodle and designer cross-breeds with poodles (labradoodle, spoodle, etc.)

Unfit breeds:

  • German Shepherd: due to their dry skin, a lot of dander can build up.
  • Long-haired breeds.

What is your favorite dog breed? Or maybe you already have a dog? Show us your furry friend in the comments below.

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