A Couple of Pit Bulls Fell in Love in a Shelter, and Nobody Can Break Their Bond

2 years ago

To find a forever home for a shelter animal is a really difficult task. But to find a loving family that would be ready to adopt 2 dogs at once is almost impossible. That’s why what happened to Agatha and Jukebox, a couple of Pit Bulls who ended up staying in the same shelter, can be considered a real miracle.

We at Bright Side talked to the owners of these 2 adorable pups and now we would like to share their story with you.

Both Agatha and Jukebox came into the Pima Animal Care Center in Arizona, in 2019.

Agatha was previously adopted, but then returned back to the shelter while Jukebox was a stray dog.

Although the dogs were brought into the shelter a month apart, they were placed in the same kennel in order to make room for other dogs.

That is where their incredible bond began.

In the shelter, Agatha and Jukebox spent all their time together and always shared the same bed.

The shelter workers believed that the pair couldn’t be separated, but finding a family that would adopt 2 dogs at once would not be easy.

Luckily, a couple of potential adopters, Erin and Ubaldo, saw the dogs online and decided to come meet them.

The couple immediately saw how close the dogs were to each other and just couldn’t break that bond.

So, after a little discussion, they decided to adopt both dogs.

Agatha and Jukebox quickly got used to their new home and loving owners.

For now, 3-year-old Agatha and 2-year-old Jukebox are still inseparable.

The dogs share all their toys, sleep in the same bed, and even drink out of the same water bowl.

They can sleep in any crazy position, as long as they are together.

The dogs look really happy, so their owners are sure that keeping them together was the right thing to do.

It might be unbelievable, but their bond is real, and according to their owners, people can actually learn a lot about unconditional love from them.

A lot of people believe that Pit Bulls are aggressive and dangerous, but this story proves that those people might be wrong. What’s your opinion about this breed? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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