A Father’s Heartfelt Plea at Daughter’s Wedding Goes Viral: “Please Don’t Hurt Her”

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6 months ago

A recent TikTok video went viral for showcasing an enchanting wedding. The emotional moment left everyone with tears in their eyes. See the full speech for yourself.

User Kylie, also recognized as @spongliee, chose to share various clips from her Singaporean wedding, but one particular snippet seized the attention of online audiences. In this clip, Kylie’s father gives his daughter away at the altar, accompanied by a heartfelt plea to his future son-in-law. The moment brought tears to the bride’s eyes.

Amid the customary speech filled with blessings and well-wishes for the newlyweds, the father directs special words to the groom. In a voice brimming with emotion, he imparts, “If one day your heart changes and for some reason you stop loving my daughter, please don’t hurt her. Just bring her back to me, okay?”

This video has resonated deeply with TikTok users, amassing an impressive 1.2 million likes on the platform. Additionally, it has sparked many comments, in which users congratulate the young bride for the profound love her father has displayed, offering their best wishes for her marital journey.

  • “Your dad didn’t make you cry! He has made everyone cry!” Happy Santa / TikTok
  • “They don’t talk much, don’t express much, don’t complain much, but they’ll sacrifice and give their last breath to their children. They are fathers.” jasonkc1 / TikTok
  • “A father’s love for his daughter is amazing! We will always be our daddy’s little girl.” sweetN***cho / TikTok

The father’s poignant request has struck a chord, connecting with individuals who understand the essence of love and family unity. It serves as a true reminder of the significance of safeguarding and cherishing our loved ones at every phase of life, even when paths diverge.

Preview photo credit spongliee / TikTok


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