A Guy From Canada Makes Fascinating Art Installations Out of Plastic to Show the Threat Our Planet Is Facing

4 years ago

The unique thing about Benjamin Von Wong’s works is that he uses truckloads of plastic straws, bottles, and cups in his installations to show how real and huge the problem of plastic pollution is. He shares behind-the-stage pictures, and we are surprised with how much effort it takes to bring his ideas to life. We hope that these art projects will open your eyes to how much the ocean needs us.

Bright Side gives a standing ovation to this artist, and we sincerely hope that you won’t ignore the message he’s sending through his art.

1. Mermaids Hate Plastic

“In this case, all I knew was that plastic pollution was a boring topic and I had to find a way to make it more interesting,” reveals Benjamin. The goal of the Mermaids Hate Plastic project was to initiate a conversation and inspire people to re-use.

A lot of volunteers joined this project to help prepare around 10,000 bottles for the installation. And the team spent the whole day looking for the best bottle patterns in a huge warehouse.

2. The Parting of the Plastic Sea

Benjamin created another installation that would show how much plastic was hiding in the ocean waters. With this project, he hoped to motivate people to turn down that next straw.

About 168,000 straws were gathered during 6 months to bring this concept to life. All straws were organized by color so they could represent different parts of the wave. For example, blue, green, and black straws were used for its base, white were put on the top, while orange and yellow ones represented sand.

3. Plastikophobia

If you don’t understand the scale of the problem yet, the Plastikophobia project can help you take a peek and get scared by the number of plastic cups that end up in the ocean. We believe that this isn’t a place we want to leave behind for our children.

Volunteers gathered 18,000 plastic cups during 1.5 days and spent 28 hours cleaning them. Then they transformed old cups into a crystal cave where people could take shiny shots and spread the awareness around the globe.

4. Truckload of Plastics

According to Greenpeace, one truckload of plastic enters the ocean every minute. You can see this amount with your eyes in the photos above. With this project Benjamin wanted to reach organizations and encourage them to not produce so much plastic. It shows that any individual effort is never enough if nothing changes with the source of plastic production.

During this project, the team managed to collect over 10,000 pieces of plastic. They tied all the pieces together with old fishing line and connected them to bigger bottles filled with rocks to stop them from escaping. Moreover, some volunteers were placed at different points to keep everything from floating away.

What project do you find the most impressive? Share this article your friends to raise awareness and help save the oceans for our children.

Preview photo credit vonwong / Instagram


It is very sad to think about what's happening to the earth but now since the coronavirus has been here the does not have that much waste but humans are the ones in the crisis. :(
I'm impressed by all his works, but they also make me sad. I agree with Bilal here.. hope this gets viral to remind people one more time how dangerous plastic is and how much waste we produce
Powerful words with a really deep and sad meaning..

I really hope we will eventually eliminate harmful plastic from out lives..

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