A Japanese Granny Takes Photos of a Little Girl With Her Poodle, and the Result Can Melt Your Heart

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5 years ago

Mame is a 2-year-old Japanese girl who likes to play with Riku, a poodle her family has. Although they’ve not been together for long, they are basically inseparable. Mame’s grandmother captures their moments together and uploads it on Instagram for the world to see. Apart from Riku, she also has 2 other poodles Gaku and Qoo.

Here at Bright Side, we’ll be going through a short journey with the cutest companions that will make you say “Awww!”

1. The French Buddies

2. They have a similar fashion sense.

3. The Halloween Duo

4. The Christmas Trio

5. And the best Waldo cosplay goes to...

6. It’s cold outside.

7. The trampoline buddy

8. Gaku joins the party.

9. Riku has a house now.

10. This is the pic you’re going to share the most.

11. The Real Princess Monokoke (just Google it)

12. Star Wars Halloween — Vol. 4

13. Black and white monsters Halloween — Vol. 5

14. Merry Christmas from Mame-Chan and team.

15. Mame-Chan is going out.

16. Riku is taking Mame for a basket ride.

17. Sweet kisses

18. Rice balls opening session

19. Going to see the Hanabi (fireworks)!

20. Looks like they are bargaining over something.

21. Today is gardening day, let’s get to work.

22. Awwww...

23. Which is which?

24. Enough drawing for the day, let’s take a break.

25. A blooming life

And there’s so many more... Wasn’t it a soothing sight? So many ’awww’ moments and a lot of fun? Share the cuteness with everyone you can. Thank us later.


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