A Man Takes His Elderly Dog to See the Sea for the Last Time, “Losing Them Is the Most Painful Thing”

8 months ago

A man makes a cozy beachside resting place for his elderly dog to take one last glimpse of the ocean. Their story went viral and resonated with animal-lovers worldwide.

A sweet gesture

The time to say goodbye to a pet is very hard. Without a doubt, it is a particularly bitter process since the void that remains is enormous. However, many people fail to understand the pain of losing an animal that has been with you for so many years.

Piero Temperato, an Italian man who thought his dog was going to die imminently, has gone viral for the beautiful gesture he had with Greta, who could not move on her own. By then, doctors had told Piero that she would have only a few weeks to live. So, not thinking twice, he made a decision. With a heartfelt display of affection, he escorted his aging dog to the shore, fashioning a snug bed for her to enjoy her final moments while taking in the serene expanse of the sea.

A moment that went viral

Thinking that the veterinarians’ predictions would come true, he decided to take her closer to the sea. She was already very bad, and she could barely move, so he moved her to the sand in bed. Covered with a blanket, she was able to be in a place where she enjoyed herself after being rescued from a pound, where she spent nine of the 14 years she lived.

Photos of the moment were shared on Facebook with an emotional caption. Piero wrote, “I realize I may seem a bit eccentric for bringing you this far given your condition, but I wanted to gift you this emotion. I understand your deep affection for the boundless sea mirrors the vastness of my love for you, Greta.”

The Reddit user u/n8_xo shared these photos under the title “One last journey,” gaining over 15,000 likes. Greta’s story and the extraordinary gesture from her owner touched the hearts of numerous individuals. Comments poured in, with u/TBeIRie remarking, “To the sea, we all journey back to the sea. Long may you run, beautiful one.” u/BirdInFlight301 added, “What a beautiful thing to do for someone you love.” u/olddeebs expressed, “Beautiful pup. I love what you’ve done. Much respect,” while u/jazzhandsdancehands shared the sentiment, “They all deserve this love. Losing them is the most painful thing.”

The time to say goodbye

Contrary to the veterinarians’ predictions, Greta defied the odds and lived until 2020, surpassing their expectations by two more years.

As Greta’s final moments drew near, Piero tenderly caressed her fur, whispered affectionate words, and recollected their shared adventures. His profound love for her was evident as he steadfastly remained by her side until her last breath in this world. This heartwarming narrative exemplifies the loyalty and devotion one can extend to a beloved animal companion until the very end.

In present times, three years after Greta’s passing, her owner continues to share regular posts in which he fondly remembers her, finding solace in the belief that she now frolics “beyond the rainbow” with other playful dogs.

More tutors shared their own tributes.

Jason Dunne, another dog owner, orchestrated a heartfelt gesture in memory of his dog, Rex. Also at a beach, he left a container full of tennis balls, inviting other dog owners to pick one for their furry friends. An accompanying note read, “Rex loved the beach, Rex loved the ball. Please feel free to take a ball for your dog, and I hope you all enjoy this place as much as we did. Rex — sleep well, my ginger Prince.” The container also featured an image of the Labrador, along with the title, “The goodest of good boys.”

Dunne explained that this act was his way of enjoying a final walk with his beloved companion, Rex, who passed away in June 2023. He believed that Rex’s memory would endure, fostering stronger bonds within the local community. He encouraged people to embrace their pets, embody the kindness inspired by his dog, and strive to “be more Rex.”

Greta’s heartfelt story, filled with love and devotion, is a timeless reminder of the profound bond between humans and their animal companions. As her memory continues to live on in the cherished posts shared by her owner, Greta’s legacy is a testament to the enduring impact that animals can have on our lives. Through acts of compassion and empathy, Greta’s tale is a tribute to the enduring spirit of companionship and the power of love, both in life and beyond.


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