A Missing Cat Returns With a Note Around Its Neck, and the Story Takes an Unexpected Twist

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A while ago, an interesting story happened in Thailand. A cat left its owner for 3 days, and everyone thought it was missing. The cat came back, and the owner was delighted, but not before he noticed a note on the cat’s neck.

So, let’s start from the very beginning. A young man let his beloved cat enjoy freedom by allowing it to spend time outdoors. Everyone in the neighborhood knew and loved this little fluffy friend. The man was sure that his pet was in no danger.

As a rule, the cat returned home in the evening, so the owner got really worried when the cat didn’t come home one day. The guy combed the entire neighborhood in search of his pet, but the cat was nowhere to be found. The owner talked to his neighbors, but none of them had seen or heard anything.

The mystery was solved 3 days later when his furry friend returned home as if nothing had happened. It looked happy and obviously had had a great time. The owner didn’t try to hide his joy about his friend’s return, but when he noticed a note on the cat’s neck, his joy gave way to worry.

The note was written by a woman named May who sold fish at the market, and here’s what it said: “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him 3. Aunty May at alley number 2.” It also had a phone number.

The man forgave his cat, of course, for making him worry. He also paid the woman for the fish she had given to the animal. He then shared this story with his neighbors as well as the local online community. He captioned his cat’s photos like this, “Gone 3 days, and came back with a debt. Isn’t that beautiful?”

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This handsome little man is such an adorable kitty. I'd feed him some fish too if he wanted them, lol. Who could resist his chonky little head. I hope that he's neutered and maybe it will help him stay closer to home. I wish him the best.


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