A Mom and Daughter Do Yoga Together and Bond Over Their Shared Hobby

2 years ago

Yoga is a discipline known for helping people connect mind and body. And in this particular case, it has helped connect a mother and daughter in a deep way that can only be shown through images. Their love of yoga has led Laura and her mini-me not only to master the most difficult poses but also to strengthen their bond.

We at Bright Side collected evidence of why this yoga mom and her daughter’s relationship is so inspiring, and it will make you grab your mat and try it out with your kids.

How it all started

Laura Kasperzak is a yoga instructor, fitness trainer, dancer, and mother who started her Instagram account in 2012 as her personal diary, posting photos of her work and, most importantly, yoga. Little by little, she caught the attention of thousands of people on Instagram and from someone very special, her daughter, Jayden. Once she started seeing her mother training, she quickly became interested and wanted to be a part of her daily routines.

She began to imitate her mother’s poses, and the results surprised them.

Out of curiosity, at the age of 4, Jayden discovered that she loved to try what her mother did. Laura, on her part, noticed her daughter’s skills and talent, and she realized that yoga could be more than a solo activity, but rather, something that she could enjoy with her daughter. This is how she decided to share, through unique shots doing yoga together, the evolution of her unique bond with the world.

Before and after

They like to surprise their followers with before and after photos, showcasing their great flexibility. But this adorable tradition means more to them than just a comparison picture. It is about sharing their story.

“Now the best part is that through this, I get to see my mini’s growth as well. These pictures were taken 2 years apart! @minilaurasykora has grown in so many ways!”

What yoga truly means

From the classic handstand to the flying bow, there isn’t a single position that this iconic duo hasn’t tried yet. Yoga, like any other discipline, requires commitment and perseverance. However, for Laura and her daughter, it is a common passion where you only need to see their faces in photographs to realize how much they enjoy it and make it look so easy.

Mom and daughter’s bond in pictures

We believe that there’s no way to describe in words the special bond we talk about in this article. So we’re showing you some pictures that tell their own stories.

It’s all about having fun...

When they started practicing, it was always done for the sole purpose of spending more time together. Laura shares with other moms that the secret to getting your kids involved is simple: start from the beginning and share what you are doing, only if they are interested. Don’t expect or push anything, just have fun!

Trusting the process

Daughter loves teaching mom

Jayden enjoys challenging her mother once in a while, switching the roles of teacher and student. Proving that you’re never too young to teach an experimented yoga trainer, Laura says her mini always puts her into trouble, trying to withstand balance positions. But the results are always an amusing experience worth giving a try.

Mastering the hardest poses

Always making it look easier than it is

They inspire and encourage each other.

What began as a hobby is now their full-time passion.

Bonus: #DanceMom

From practicing yoga to dancing, Jayden participates and trains for various national dance competitions and, of course, her mother is always supportive. With the hashtag, #DanceMom, she tells her followers about the adventures of being a mother behind the scenes.

In the end, they build this bond every day.

Do you have a special activity that has brought you closer to your daughter or son? What are those activities? We’d love to hear your story here.

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