A Mother of 2 Drew Her Everyday Life and All Parents Can Recognize Themselves in Her Pictures

4 years ago

Maria Gorbunova is a Russian artist who paints caricatures and portraits. She is also the mother of 2 children. On her Instagram page, Maria not only shares her commercial projects but also shows us her everyday life. Her funny illustrations are very sincere. We are sure that parents from all over the world will think, "This is my life!" when they see these illustrations.

We at Bright Side really love Maria Gorbunova's works, so we decided to show them to you.


"When you look at my pictures, it might seem that my children constantly scream. Well, it's true. And of course, the mother is on watch. Because she can sleep during the day, on the weekend, or in 10 years. Right, ladies?"


"Today, broccoli, macaroni, and juice are for lunch. The same dishes are also under the table."


"The insane amount of energy my children have is reduced by their 40-minute swim before sleep."


"A broken plate, a puddle, and a torn plastic bag are the crimes I have to investigate every day. I always have 3 suspects."


"No matter which books I read, what methods I use, the result is always the same: tears and screaming. Even if we simply walk by the store, this can happen."


"A question for mothers: How many minutes can you spend behind a closed door at the most? (My personal record is 3)."


"— Hello! This is "Project Runway" with you and me, Sergey Gorbunova.

— Sergey, I asked you to put normal clothes on them.

— They are normal clothes!"


"Some people I know tell me how their babies slept well during their entire flight. Our kids almost didn't sleep. It's very hard to teach yourself not to notice other people's irritation and your clothes covered in juice-cereal but I am now able to do that."


"2 children later and I can now, with confidence, say that a kid doesn't care what they are wearing as long as it's dry."


"During the FIFA World Cup, my kitchen is a pub. Of course, I know all my regulars and I can always predict what they will order. This guy in a red t-shirt loves ravioli. The red-haired lady loves virgin piña colada, never ignores ravioli, but often asks for a waffle. And the guy on the right never eats, he only drinks bottle after bottle and falls asleep before the match starts. In his defense, he does get up at 5 AM every morning and he also works the night shift."


"It's true, I have a lot of pictures in my mind that I could put on paper. But should I put myself on the spot like that? By the way, I've already had to use white paint to cover pictures on the walls. Just tell me that I'm not the only mother like this and I will paint something else."

And this is what the artist and her babies look like in real life.

Maria has other interesting illustrations in her collection.

Couple of the year

Her dachshund

Which illustration of this Russian artist did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit mary_chemi / instagram


ALL your drawings are remarkable awsome keep it up mom as i also have the same kind of kids a girl and a boy and i sometimes scream my throught out

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