A New Ken Doll Made After Ryan Gosling Has Won Everyone’s Hearts

7 months ago

Ken from the Barbie movie, portrayed by Ryan Gosling, left a lasting impression on thousands of fans. The phrase “I’m Kenough” also gained immense popularity among enthusiasts. In response, Mattel created a doll that accurately resembles the beloved actor, and the result was nothing short of impressive.

Ryan Gosling wanted to portray Ken.

His interest in the role was sparked by observing his daughters playing with Barbie dolls, including Ken, “I did see him, like, face down in the mud outside one day, next to a squished lemon, and it was like, ‘This guy’s story does need to be told, you know?’”

Some people thought that he might be too old for the role.

Some people on social media noted that Ryan Gosling may not have matched the youthful image they had in mind for Ken. They expressed surprise at his appearance for the role, “I can’t be the only one that thinks Ryan Gosling looks old to play Ken,” and “That’s so sad that the man is ancient.” Regardless of these initial reactions, Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken in the Barbie movie became a hit and proved his suitability for the role.

His acting skills were praised though.

Director Greta Gerwig praised Ryan Gosling’s acting, highlighting that he has a unique quality that allows him to immerse himself in his roles fully, “There’s a quality to Ryan’s acting, even when he’s hilarious, it’s never the actor standing outside of the role. He doesn’t try and make you know that Ryan Gosling knows that this is silly. He does it in a way that takes on all of the humiliations of the character as his own.”

Ryan Gosling was well aware of the comments and criticisms regarding his age in the role of Ken. When asked about this during an interview, he responded with humor, saying, “I would say, you know, if people don’t want to play with my Ken, there are many other Kens to play with.”

He became attached to Ken.

Ryan Gosling developed a fondness for the role of Ken and spoke about it, saying, “Everyone was fine with the fact that Ken’s job was nothing. But suddenly, it’s like, ‘No, we’ve cared about Ken this whole time.’ No, you didn’t. You never did. So your hypocrisy is exposed. This is why his story must be told.”

He continued, “I care about this dude now. I’m like his representative. Ken couldn’t show up to receive this award, so I’m here to accept it for him.”

Recently, Mattel introduced a Ken doll wearing his iconic hoodie.

The doll’s resemblance to Ryan Gosling, from his facial features to his entire outfit, including the bandana and vibrant hoodie, is quite astonishing. Mattel captioned their post, “He may be #Kenough, but we bet you can’t get enough of him.” The announcement definitely generated a lot of excitement among the fans of the movie. A comment under the post read, “I ordered two. Do you think that’s kenough?”

We took things a step further and used our imagination to envision what various celebrities would look like as Barbie dolls. It’s safe to say that some of these stars could have easily starred in a Barbie-themed movie.


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