A Painter Shows Emotional Moments of Parenthood That Will Touch Every Mom’s Heart

year ago

Kara Western is a young mother. Most of her time is spent with her little son and that’s what inspired her to create cute illustrations about the life of young parents. Though the plots of her pictures are very simple, they’re touching and familiar to anyone who has kids.

Bright Side wants to share a compilation of pictures of the most normal yet precious moments parents experience.

A kid always feels comfortable in their mom’s embrace.

When coloring with a 2-year-old you say, “Please, don’t touch me with that marker.”

A visit to the pediatrician always looks something like this:

Mommy’s spa time isn’t a big success.

Every walk is an adventurous journey.

When you can’t carry your baby in your arms anymore:

Cutting your kid’s hair and managing to keep their ears intact is a victory.

Sports and kids are 2 incompatible things.

Your sleeping can be interrupted quite unexpectedly and painfully.

Your kid is always ready to help you.

This is what a perfect weekend would look like but a kid never stays in one place.

You can forget about getting good sleep...

...especially when your toddler is having a really hard time teething.

When you hope that your kid doesn’t understand what’s happening in another episode of Game of Thrones:

A kid is the best reminder to stay present and to not look at your phone constantly.

A kid is another opportunity to learn a new language.

Which of these pictures touched your heart the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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