A Photographer Dedicates His Life to Capturing Squirrels and Becomes Their Best Friend

4 years ago

A photographer from both Sweden and the Netherlands specializes in taking photos of nature and he does it perfectly — his numerous awards confirm it! For the last several years, he has focused on red squirrels and even managed to befriend them. Though it might seem that some of his pics were Photoshopped, in fact, they were not. Geert Weggen, who has more than 60,000 followers on his Instagram page, creates funny, sweet and even whimsical photos with the help of his inquisitive squirrel friends.

We at Bright Side applaud Geert for his creativity and perseverance and are eager to show you some of the photographer’s work to make your day a bit more squirrel-ish.


Blow that ball!


Holiday trip

Water treasure


Flower talk

Ski jump

“I got it!”

Loads of happiness

A love painting

Love addiction

Males learning how to iron

Happy splits

“You caught me!”

A good place to be...

On the road again

Dynamic fun

The nut line

The singer

Not easy for a soon-to-be father...

Winter lights

Flower ballet

A heavy load

Seed nose

Are there squirrels in your neck of the woods? Have you ever managed to take a funny photo of them?


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I love photographers who spend their careers getting to know wildlife on its best


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