A Photographer Lets Us See the Less Glamorous Side of His Polished Photos

2 years ago

We look at polished Instagram photos of “perfect” people with admiration, and sometimes we may wish it could be us. It seems like they are living their best lives and it’s all because the grass is greener in life online. The photographer, Geo Leon, makes photography a bit more real for us and reveals the behind-the-scenes moments of his most beautiful shots. So if you think it’s always about posh decorations and expensive equipment, you may change your mind.

Here at Bright Side, we can’t help but admire how clever photography hacks can turn a casual place into an award-worthy shot. We’d love for you to take a look at some mind-boggling secrets of photography together with us.

1. Everything that is at hand can be a prop.

2. A struggle behind a luxury shot

3. Here’s how we make raindrops on a window.

4. A very patient little model

5. A masterpiece born in a bedroom

6. A red garment? No, the perfect shooting equipment!

7. When your diving skills come handy:

8. A surreal shot? Easy-peasy!

9. Fairy tales aren’t only created by writers.

10. How to turn an ordinary mirror into a reflector of the inner world.

11. We just hope the flower bush doesn’t have thorns.

12. Here’s how we make all kids’ dreams come true!

13. Revealing your inner fish

14. Hollywood might want to borrow this trick.

15. An ordinary experience turning into a magic journey

16. How to make a perfect photo and not spend a fortune

17. At least the model isn’t thirsty anymore.

18. Adding some color to life and the face

19. Creating an iridescent effect without any bother

20. When your photographer is also a feather-spreading machine:

Which of the shots by Geo Leon impressed you the most? Would you like to be his model and try to make a perfect photo together with him?

Preview photo credit geoleon / Instagram


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