A Photographer Takes Photos of Toys That Are So Epic, They Can Outshine Any Blockbuster Movie Shot

4 years ago

It seems that there’s nothing interesting about taking pictures of toys because they’re just figures with no emotion that aren’t able to express any feelings. But creativity and talent can produce some outstanding things, and photographer Jared Middleton proves this to be true. He chose toy figures to be his models and takes great photos of them that look just as cool, if not cooler, than any blockbuster movie shot.

Here at Bright Side, we’re inspired by his work and just can’t resist sharing it with all of you.

Jared Middleton is a photographer whose models are toys. But that’s not the only unique thing about his work — the photos he takes are so incredible and realistic that it’s impossible to believe they’re staged with lifeless figures and that the action isn’t happening for real.

It takes a lot of creativity and effort to take photos like these, and everything that is happening behind the camera is a lot less exciting and interesting. Middleton uses real fire and water in his photos along with many other tools like wires to make the figures stand in the right position.

Middleton must be a true fan of Star Wars movies because he usually uses figurines of Star Wars characters. However, sometimes his “action” includes a mix of other toys — the most contrasting ones are Pokémon characters. And although these photos are a little different, they’re no less outstanding.

Middleton also shared behind-the-scenes videos to show the process of a typical photo shoot. Many of his subscribers became inspired and have become toy photographers themselves. They’re learning from him and Middleton is happy to give advice and share some tips on toy photography.

Here are some more awesome photos Middleton took. Don’t they look like shots from some really cool action movie? We’d definitely watch this one.

Do you like Jared Middleton’s photos? What figures would you use as your models? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Are they movie screenshots or real photos? Hard to tell apart! ?
Very talented works

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