A Photographer Travels Across India to Show How Beautiful and Diverse Local People Are, and We’re Mesmerized

3 years ago

Magdalena Bagrianow is a Polish freelance photographer based in Sharjah, UAE. She travels across India and takes amazing shots of local people. Her photographs are the quintessence of different emotions. Magdalena catches the simple beauty of this world and it’s not possible to stay indifferent to her creative work.

Bright Side compiled 24 mesmerizing pictures of local people of India who show us a wide range of different emotions.

1. “A peaceful look of a cross-dresser dressed up as a Hindu Goddess who offers his blessings in return for money from the tourists and local people”

2. This dancing gypsy girl knows everything about the ability to be happy with smalls things.

3. Eyes are the mirror to the soul and this soul is infinite.

4. Sadhu’s smile doesn’t lie. There are no problems that can make you sad.

5. “Portrait of a Rajasthani camel trader.”

6. “The stunning beauty of a gypsy woman.”

7. A little Rajasthani boy dressed as the Hindu God Lord Shiva accepting money and offerings from people while his mother is watching him carefully

8. Ask her about life and she will tell you few but important things.

9. Walking slowly, but still moving on

10. He has a phone which is also a reason to be happy.

11. These hands of a holy man from Pushkar are a symbol of hard work and hope.

12. She knows that she is beautiful and powerful.

13. Magical eyes full of wisdom

14. A simple, kind smile of a simple man

15. A shy Rajasthani girl with big pure eyes showing curiosity

16. The beauty, honesty, and openness of a gypsy girl named Suman

17. A mother and daughter having absolutely different emotions on their faces

18. This united family of 4 sisters gathering in front of their family tent at the Pushkar fairgrounds

19. An open heart has such a face.

20. Papu and Mamtu, a mother and daughter, are both considered to be the most beautiful women in Rajasthan.

21. Is it sadness, despair or indifference? Looks like a bit of each of these emotions is on his face.

22. A far off look, both scarring and touching

23. Self-confidence and authenticity attract people’s looks.

24. All his views say that it is better to take this life with irony.

What photo impressed you the most? Leave your comments if you are fascinated with these pictures and want to visit India.


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