A Plus-Size Model Is Taking the Internet by Storm by Celebrating Her True Self

7 months ago

Challenging conventional beauty norms is a commitment embraced by numerous women. They aim to dismiss the notion that the ideal body must conform to specific curves. Thais Carla exemplifies this, emerging as a genuine influencer who has attained full confidence in her body, proudly flaunting it in a bikini without any sense of shame.

Meet the model

Born on October 15, 1991, in Brazil, Thais Carla emerged as a dancer and social media influencer celebrated for embracing plus-size inclusivity within the dance community. She started her ballet and jazz studies at the tender age of 4, and by the time she turned 14, she had established her own academy alongside her sister. With a notable presence on Instagram, she boasts over 3 million followers who appreciate her dance videos and images. She is often acclaimed for her positive state of mind and envied for her uninhibited attitude.

Her strength is precisely in not putting up barriers: she dresses as she wants, without censorship or modesty. Proud of her shape, she frequently posts dance videos where she is often praised for her energy, her good vibes, and her desire to break down prejudices. Many of her posts quickly go viral, gathering millions of views and thousands of likes.

A plus-size influencer

Her battle extends to challenging aesthetic standards imposed by the fashion and beauty industry. Carla rejects the toxic ideology dictating youth and thinness as the epitome of beauty. Thankfully, Carla is not alone in this awareness, as other celebrities join the movement, reshaping beauty norms and prompting luxury brands to adopt more inclusive policies.

Thais Carla emphasizes, “Beauty standards are about what makes you feel happy.” Her substantial following serves as validation for her efforts to promote the normalization of diverse bodies, highlighting that one need not go to extremes for societal acceptance.

She also advocates for body positivity

In the stereotypical world of Instagram, the Brazilian influencer effortlessly transitions from formal suits to swimsuits. Advocating for the body-positive movement, she emphasizes that this movement is all about cultivating a sense of gratitude towards ourselves, urging us to appreciate our strengths and de-emphasize our perceived flaws. She believes we shouldn’t let the criticisms of others hinder our lives. It’s about empowering yourself and embracing life unapologetically.

Some people may describe her activism as part of the “obese activism” or “fat acceptance movement.” This movement is a social initiative aiming to eradicate the societal stigma associated with obesity by highlighting the challenges faced by individuals with larger body sizes.

The criticism she faces

Her happiness might shine through her photos, but unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped haters from commenting bad things about her. Thais mentioned in an interview that the number of unpleasant comments keeps piling up the more she publishes on her social media. She believes that as you thrive and find happiness, it tends to unsettle others. For her, people struggle to acknowledge her happiness with her own body, insisting that she adheres to unrealistic standards. Even so, Thais still believes that perfection is a myth, and her joy and authenticity provoke questioning and, at times, even resentment in the minds of others.

At 32 and a young mother, Thais Carla defies societal norms, proving that happiness is achievable regardless of how you look. Carla has embraced the role of ambassador and spokesperson for curvy women, encouraging self-acceptance and inspiring those grappling with low self-esteem. The revolution is underway, urging individuals to assert themselves proudly and confidently in society, challenging preconceived notions and affirming their worth.


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