A Proud Mom, 38, Defends a Celebratory Hug With Her Son, 16, After a Football Game

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7 months ago

A Utah mom, Amber Wright, recently went viral after posting a video of herself hugging her son, Brixton, after a football game. The video showed Wright straddling her son in a celebratory embrace, which raised eyebrows and led to criticism from some who felt the hug was inappropriate. However, Wright defended the hug, saying that it was a moment of pure joy and that she was proud of her son’s accomplishments.

The mother believes the video is cute.

Wright, a single parent, shared the clip on her Instagram account. At that time, she had 1,500 followers. However, she now has over 38,000 followers who tune in for updates about her life. The clip, which has been viewed more than 9 million times, captures the moment when Wright wraps her legs around her 16-year-old son, Brixton, after his football team’s victory in a home game.

When asked how the video was filmed, Amber said, “One of my best friends recorded the moment where Brix picked me up and I thought it was so cute.” “I was so proud,” she says. “I was a proud mom hugging her kid.

The mother was surprised by the negative reaction to the way she hugged her son.

Amber was surprised by the reaction of some people who accused her of mistreating her son. She said that she never expected the video to go viral or for people to make such serious accusations.

Many people believe that the hug was too intimate.

The clip raises questions about the appropriateness of physical affection between parents and their children.

  • I wonder how many of his friends are allowed to stay over. My son wouldn’t be allowed for sleepovers at their house,” one person expressed.
  • Another commenter added, “I don’t think anyone has an issue with your son picking you up, just the (fact) that it appears you’re straddling your son. You’re also dressed pretty sexy for a high school football game.
  • Other responses exclaimed, “What, I thought this was his girlfriend‼️” and “THAT’S HIS MOTHERRRR?

The backlash has been upsetting for her son Brixton.

“How about you leave my mom alone?” Brixton wrote on Instagram. “She’s my mom, she is my hero, the vid of us hugging was a HUG. Go bother someone else and maybe hug your own kids.”

My mom is my hero. I was just giving her a hug after the game and I did pick her up. She did not jump on me. My mom’s been the only person there for me my whole life,” he added.

Wright belives that she’s her son’s safe space.

“I come from a very affectionate family. I hug my dad every time I see him,” Wright explained. “What you saw on the football field is just how we are. Brix will pick me up and squeeze me and then put me back down.”

Wright mentions that after the game, Brixton might have stayed with her a bit more because it was his first time wearing a jersey that had his late dad’s death date on it (April 4). She thinks he was “feeling emotional”, and as his mom, she’s “his safe space”.

Wright adds that she’s received lots of private messages filled with support and kindness. People are also showing their support for her on Instagram.

  • “I’m a single mom of a boy. After going through breast cancer, I believe my son would do this to me too at a football game bc we are very close. My son and I are like best friends. Happy to see a strong mom and son connection!” one mother shared.
  • Another mom explained, “I am a single mom and my son is an athlete who played football, won state championship and now will be playing college football... I see a mom, a beautiful mom who loves her son, and he is her everything!”

As this proud mom continues to celebrate her son’s achievements on the football field, it raises questions about the dynamics of parental affection in the public eye. But before we delve into that, stay tuned for our next article to explore a different perspective on parental love and affection, as David Beckham explains why he kisses his 11-year-old daughter on the lips.

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