A Russian Confectioner Makes Cakes That Are So Magnificent, Any Museum Would Love to Expose Them

5 years ago

Just look at the works of young confectioner Renat Agmazov and you will realize why he is so incredibly popular not only in Russia but in many different countries as well.

Bright Side presents you with some photos and videos of cakes that will completely take your breath away.

14. Castle

It’s hard to imagine but this cake consists of 19.6 thousand separate parts connected together. You can also count 712 windows and 9,000 sweet flowers which consist of 126,000 petals. This is an example of incredible art!

13. Northern lights

This cake looks like the glowing Northern lights that you can see in some parts of the world. It’s amazing how Renat managed to achieve such a graduate color transition. And of course, the cake is totally edible!

12. Crystal

This is an elegant cake that looks like it’s floating in space. The decorations are made of caramel. The height of the cake is 5 ft.

11. Magic castle

This cake is amazing because of the complexity of each of its “floors”. And the illumination highlights the scale of the masterpiece.

10. Morocco

Every detail of this cake is great: the chocolate figures, the arches, the columns, the flowers, and the original ornament. The Moroccan style is represented by bright colors. The cake stands at 5.7 ft.

9. Valeri Fountain

When you look at this cake, it’s hard to believe that everything in it is edible. The water is caramel and the figures (Poseidon and the mermaids, fish, tritons, cupids, and seahorses) are made of chocolate. It’s classicism style at its best. The height is 6.8 ft.

8. Magic apples

The best part of this cake is the apples. The production of these caramel parts was done with the same technique as making Venetian glass. Making a sugary treat of this size is a really hard task. The height of the cake is 7.5 ft.

7. The Louvre

All the attention is drawn to the chocolate chandelier, the support, and the pictures in the frames. It is amazing how detailed even the smallest things are. The height of the cake is 7.8 ft and the weight is 992 pounds.

6. Dancing swans

The swans here are absolutely mesmerizing. And of course, they are edible — they are made of caramel and covered with edible gold. And the most interesting thing is that the birds in the center are really dancing.

5. Flying butterflies

It’s not just the cake itself that looks light but the caramel butterflies are literally flying! This is more than just great confectionary work — it’s perfect engineering.

4. Grandissimo

This cake is 16.4 ft tall and it looks as if it’s really light thanks to the special stand it’s on. The caramel candles and flower decorations make the appearance more elegant and tender.

3. Baccarat

The numerous decorations made of caramel make this cake truly great. It seems that this crystal chandelier should be placed in some European palace. The height of the cake is 11.4 ft.

2. Romeo and Juliet

The scale of this cake is obvious even in the photo. But the key here is the illumination. The transparent caramel parts are illuminated with cold light and the chocolate parts, with warm. This cake really sets the holiday mood.

1. Zwinger Castle

This cake is a true masterpiece: it weighs 4 tons, is 22 ft in length, and stands tall at 11.4 ft. And when you finally take a good look at it and think that you’ve seen everything, you might notice that the most interesting thing is what’s happening in the windows of the castle.

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