A Study Discovered That People With Tattoos Have a Better Chance of Getting a Job

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Approximately 47% of millennials have tattoos on their bodies. They also make up a large part of the workforce. Being discriminated against for sporting ink was a common practice until not too long ago. But the tables have turned and now tattoos are seen as a positive thing in the workplace.

We at Bright Side think tattoos are a great way to showcase your personality and can’t wait to share this awesome news with you.

A recent study found that prejudice against tattooed workers no longer exists in many countries. In fact, men were equally if not more likely to get hired if they had one or more tattoos. This research also discovered that there was no wage disparity between people with and without body art.

The public perception of tattoos has changed very quickly in recent years, likely due to so many young people getting inked. Even though there’s still some skepticism regarding this issue, especially in cases of people with extreme body art, it seems that the tide has turned and that the corporate world is more accepting of people’s individuality.

The number of millennials in leadership positions is also a factor. This generation is now in their early 20s to mid-30s, which means a number of them are bosses that decide who to hire. Now that the people calling the shots are more open to diversity and less biased, this trend will probably continue to grow.

There are many highly successful people that have tattoos on their bodies. It’s very common to see body art among people from the entertainment and sports industries, but in the corporate world, tattoos are becoming a normal thing.

It’s encouraging to see the corporate world catching up with the real world. More and more people will be able to fully express themselves without fear of suffering backlash from their workplace, and we are sure the outcome will be positive.

Are you glad about the progress being made regarding body art? Do you have a tattoo or 2 yourself? Share your stories with us of being an inked person working in an office!

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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