A Tiny Possum Was Miraculously Rediscovered in Australia After the Devastating Fires

3 years ago

Over 17 million hectares of land were burned in Australia due to the wildfire, affecting 99% of bio reserves along with the animals in them. The massive fire wiped out the habitat of pygmy possums entirely, and experts feared that the tiny animals were gone forever. However, after constant recovery efforts, the little possum species is making a sound again.

The newly released photos of this possum have all of us at Bright Side heart-eyed, and we’re sharing them below for our readers.

It has been spotted for the first time since the fires.

The fires that terrorized Australia last year hit the smallest possum species in the world hard. 440,500 hectares of the island that were once home to these creatures fell prey to the fires. Now, Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife, a conversation group that has been working constantly to recover wildlife, has finally discovered one.

It’s healthy and getting along with other possums.

The little pygmy possum weighs less than 10 grams and is hard to study due to its size. It is estimated that over 93% of their whole population was burned in the fires on the island, so their condition is still extremely vulnerable. Other creatures that have been found are brush-tailed possums and western pygmy possums among 20 rare species.

Efforts are being made to keep the possum safe.

The biggest threat to pygmy possums now, and other possums in general on the Australian island, are feral cats. Ecologists believe there could be more of these marsupials hiding in the woods and feeling unsafe due to the disappearance of the bushlands.

They were already rare on the island.

Before the fires, the official number of little pygmy possums found on Kangaroo Island was recorded to be just 113. According to experts, it’s a miracle that they have managed to survive, and they’re hoping that other rare species that are still yet to be found experienced the same luck.

If you could bring any animal species back from extinction, which would it be?


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