A Mom Opens Up About Treating Parents Fairly and “Daddy Privilege”

Raising children is a team effort, and fathers play an important role in shaping the lives and futures of their children. Despite this, society tends to give fathers a more passive role in child-rearing, leaving the majority of the work for mothers to do. Feeling a mix of emotions about how different society’s attitude is toward moms and dads, one mother decided to speak up about moms who are unsung heroes.

The hero of our story is a bakery business owner and the mom of a little boy. This mother was regularly shopping for ingredients for her business — juggling a shopping cart with hundreds of pounds of ingredients, a newborn baby, and the stress of finding everything on her list, but no one ever seemed to notice her efforts. She was just another shopper, lost in the crowds of a busy grocery store.

One day, her husband went shopping for ingredients instead of her. To her surprise, as soon as he stepped into the store with the baby, everyone took notice. People were admiring him, strangers stopped him to coo over the baby and complimented him.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her husband was getting all the attention and recognition she had longed for. She realized that people were biased toward fathers and viewed them as “babysitters” instead of equal partners in parenting. “He’s not a hero. He’s just a father who does the same thing I do every week,” the mother noted.

This story serves as a reminder that parenting is a shared responsibility, and both mothers and fathers deserve recognition and support for their efforts. We should strive to break the traditional gender roles and biases in parenting and celebrate the hard work of all parents, regardless of their gender.

While modern fathers step up and actively participate in raising their children, mother’s efforts are still taken for granted. It seems like it’s time to show your appreciation and support for the mothers in your life. They deserve it.


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