A Woman Continues to Recreate Celebrity Outfits and Once Again Proves That Size Has Nothing to Do With Style

3 years ago

Influencer Katie Sturino is busy pushing the size-inclusive fashion-forward movement. Among her many projects, she runs a series of herself wearing celebrity outfits as a plus-size woman (we’ve even covered some of her older looks!). Showing that anybody can wear anything, Katie tries to break the negative cycle of body comparison. “It’s never about who wore it better,” she says, “that mindset just keeps us down!”

We at Bright Side support Katie’s cause, so we collected her outfits that impressed us the most to share them with you.

1. Princess Diana

2. Zoë Kravitz

3. Taylor Swift

4. Lily Collins

5. Heidi Klum

6. Alessandra Ambrosio

7. Chrissy Teigen

8. Blair Eadie

9. Amal Clooney

10. Naomi Watts

11. Nicky Rothschild

12. Reese Witherspoon

13. Yara Shahidi

14. Emma Chamberlain

15. Katie Holmes

16. Mindy Kaling

17. Gabrielle Union-Wade

18. Julianne Hough

19. Irina Shayk

20. Kate Middleton

Bonus: Tan France

...and another bonus: Barbie

What famous outfit would you like to see recreated?


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Sorry, but I disagree. Apart from the Mindy Kahling look, she doesn't suit the outfits at all. They make her look bigger than she is.


in some of these outfits she looks even better than the celebrities themselves


Fashion should be all inclusive and not just stop at a size 14 (UK dress size) as what is seen in some high street and designer stores... it does not matter whether the person can pull it off (some work better than others, I love her Katie Holmes and Irina Shayk in particular) but it is the individuals choice about what to wear and what they feel comfortable in. I am a curvy lady, all chest and hips, personally I prefer lower cut tops, fitted figure dresses (in at the waist), above knee or ankle length dresses (hate the mid length dresses which make larger ladies look bigger) and structured tops and jackets to enhance my figure... but other people would not have the confidence to wear some of the things I do. It's personal preference but the choice should never be taken away by the fashion industry. I think she looks fantastic!


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