A Woman Creates Unique Dolls That Are Copies of Their Little Owners to Help Children Be Proud of Their Looks

5 years ago

About 4 years ago, a business called A Doll Like Me was born thanks to Amy Jandrisevits. Amy creates dolls that correspond to her customers’ facial characteristics. She truly believes that dolls are therapeutic for kids with facial stigmas and other diseases, especially dolls that are not flawless-looking. Kids need a doll that looks a lot like them and less like a perfect mannequin.

Bright Side would like to give a shout out to Amy and share some of her magnificent creations that have seemed to impress every single kid she’s made one for.

1. Black spots are why Dalmatians are so popular.

2. It’s the small details that matter the most.

3. Sleeping buddies

4. Look at how a doll brought so much joy to this cutie.

5. She is why the phrase “cuteness overload” was invented.

6. This little pirate and his fluffy twin

7. It’s impressive how a doll can make every problem fade away for a moment.

8. The doll might be frowny, but this little boy surely isn’t.

9. How amazing it must be to have a friend that looks exactly like you!

10. Maybe Barbie needs to promote dolls that are more like this one.

11. Every kid should be made to feel special.

12. When sisters are given the same present:

13. A genuine smile is one of the sweetest things in the world.

14. This little girl refuses to feel sad because of her eye-patch.

15. 2 members of the Finding Nemo fun club

16. Doing the doctor’s job, for a change.

17. Hello, blue-casted buddies!

18. The only sleeping buddy that won’t wake you up during the night.

19. This girl is thrilled that her doll has the exact same ears as she does.

20. Not all great presents arrive on birthdays.

Which one of the above images moved you the most? Aren’t these dolls amazing gifts for kids? Please share your thoughts with us down in the comment section.


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The work she does it admirable!
I think it's really important to boots these kids self-confidence from their childhood. Who knows, maybe in the future some of them will become the new icons of style?


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