A Woman Finally Finds Her Father After 56 Years Thanks to Facebook

2 years ago

People always talk about the negative effects of the internet and social networks. But every now and then, we are reminded that there is a bright side of it that we forget to see. The story of Karen Harris, who found her long-lost father after years of searching thanks to Facebook, is proof that social networks can indeed be useful.

We at Bright Side were really thrilled to find out the details about this touching story of a father and daughter reuniting, all thanks to Facebook.

A hopeless pursuit of a long-lost father

Karen Harris was adopted from an early age because her birth parents were teenagers when they had her. And even though she was happy with her new parents, she never stopped looking for her biological parents. As soon as she turned 18, she decided to approach the adoption agency and ask for information about her birth parents.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have much available information about Karen’s parents. After 10 years of searching, she managed to find her mother, but not her father. Her father was harder to find because of the lack of information about him. She just knew his name — Trevor Sinden — and that he was an electrician from Croydon.

Reunited by pure chance

Decades later, Karen’s life abruptly turned around when Trevor’s name popped up as a friend suggestion for her on her Facebook profile. When she opened his profile and looked at his history, she realized that she might be looking at her father’s profile. And indeed, she was. And the crazy thing was that he lived a mere 350 miles away from her.

Trevor and Karen talked for several weeks before they arranged an emotional reunion after a long 56 years. And as it turns out, Karen wasn’t the only want trying to make the reunion happen. Trevor had been looking for Karen all along, but with no luck, until Facebook decided to take things into its own hands, that is.

Finally making up for all the lost time

Karen also met 2 of her long-lost cousins as well, and now she spends her time making the most out of every precious moment with her father. It was truly a wonderful accident, and one that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Facebook.

Do you think that destiny would’ve reunited Karen and her father if it weren’t for Facebook? Share your thoughts about the story in the comment section.


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