A Woman Refuses to Tip 10% at Bridal Store and Sparks a Viral Internet Discussion

6 months ago

In recent months, TikTok users have been sharing stories of what they call “tipflation,” a phenomenon where consumers are increasingly asked to leave tips in various unexpected situations. From self-checkouts to online shopping and even at the mechanic, the debate around tipping seems to be expanding. One particularly intriguing case has caught the attention of TikTok users, involving a bride-to-be who claims she was asked to leave a tip when purchasing her wedding dress.

TikTok user Ina Josipović (@inajosipovic) shared her experience in a video that has garnered over 97,000 views. In the video, Josipović recounts the moment when, after purchasing her wedding dress, the card machine prompted her for a tip. “I stood there, and I think they saw the blood leave my body. I did not expect to have to tip buying a wedding dress,” she said in the video. Perplexed, she questioned the staff and discovered that tipping was not a standard practice in the wedding dress industry.

In the video, Josipović raises valid points, questioning why customers are being asked to tip instead of the store providing commission to their stylists. She points out that when she worked in retail, commission from sold items was the norm, and customers were not expected to leave additional tips.

The TikTok community responded with a mix of confusion and agreement. Many users found it odd to be asked for a tip when shopping for wedding dresses, with some highlighting that stylists in the bridal industry typically receive commission already. Comments in the video expressed bewilderment and echoed Josipović’s sentiment that tipping in such a context seemed out of place.

One user commented, “Don’t they already get a commission?” Another user, who claimed to have worked in a bridal salon, stated, “Tipping is not normal.” The sentiment was further reinforced by others who shared their own experiences of being asked for tips in unexpected places, ranging from pregnancy ultrasounds to self-service car washes and even bowling alleys.

The “tipflation” trend on TikTok continues to spark debates and discussions about the evolving norms surrounding tipping. As consumers encounter tipping prompts in unexpected places, it raises questions about when and where tipping is appropriate. In the case of wedding dress shopping, the consensus from TikTok users seems to be that tipping is an unusual practice, especially when considering the commission-based model already in place for stylists. The ongoing conversation on TikTok sheds light on the shifting dynamics of gratuity expectations and prompts a broader discussion about how businesses choose to compensate their staff.

Preview photo credit inajosipovic / TikTok


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