A Woman Tackles the 9 Most Common Annoyances People Have With Fashion

In the world of fashion, every clothing problem can be solved within a few clicks by buying a new piece. But a blogger named Hannah Warling came up with ways to look perfect in any type of clothing without rushing to buy something new. She shares simple tricks that tackle common clothing difficulties that all of us face, and these hacks are simply bra-velous.

1. Get rid of the button-up top gap.

The gap in a button-up top can spoil anyone’s look, but the problem could be easily solved. Just buckle your second button into the fourth buttonhole and the fourth button into the second buttonhole. This way, you won’t just get rid of a clothing flaw, but it’ll also make your top appear textured and unique.

2. Wear off-the-shoulder tops with confidence.

In case you don’t want your bra straps to be visible while wearing open-back tops, this method is for you. Just detach the straps on the back and connect both straps in front of you, under the bra. This way, you won’t have to buy a strapless bra and no one will see your bra straps.

3. A DIY hack for jeans that are too tight

If you’re in a rush and the only pants that you have are too small in the waist, a rubber band or hair tie will save the day. Thread the elastic through the buttonhole and loop it around your button. It takes less than one minute and you won’t have to suffer from clothes that are too tight.

4. Make your dresses fit perfectly.

Getting stuff tailored isn’t cheap, plus, people’s weight can quickly change, which is why you can fix a loose dress yourself. Put your dress inside out and attach 2 pins on both sides of your waist. After that, thread a shoelace through pins on the back of the dress. And, of course, turn out your dress so no one can see the shoelace hiding beneath. Now the shoelace will keep your dress neat and snug.

5. Transform tops into this square-neck tank top.

This cute hack will help you to adjust the neckline on a basic tank top. Take one of your straps, pull it off, then you’ll need to loop it, and it’s ready to be pulled back on your arm. Repeat with the second arm, and voilà, you just made a straight across look, and you’re ready to conquer some hearts.

6. There’s no need to buy a strapless bra.

In case you don’t have a strapless bra to wear with your off-the-shoulder tops, there’s a solution. Lift the left strap over your head and move it to the right shoulder. After that, slip your right arm out of the strap. This way, the strap stays under your armpit. Repeat this with the second arm so that both straps end up taut across the front of your chest, allowing you to wear it comfortably without the straps being visible.

7. Keep your strapless bra from sliding down.

And if you already have a bra without straps, you know how inconvenient it is to wear since it never stays in place. To fix it, try this simple DIY hack: hook a bra strap on one side, wrap it along the bra front, and hook it back on the opposite side. The final step is to adjust the strap to make it tighter if needed.

8. Fix a belt that’s too long.

If the belt has too much extra slack to it, and the leftover part sticks out, add a rubber band or hair tie that matches the belt’s color. Tuck it under the belt, loop one end into another, and put it over the loose end of the belt.

9. Cuff jeans neatly.

If you’re cuffing your jeans, try this hack to make your look perfect. First, fold the jeans on both sides into the front center and then roll them up. This way, your jeans won’t only look better, but they will also stop unrolling so quickly.

What tricks would you add to the list? Share other clothing life hacks that saved your day with fellow Bright Siders!

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