A Woman Who Eats Toilet Paper Says It’s the “Perfect Snack”

8 months ago

Many of us have unique eating habits that might seem strange to others, but some people take it to another level. A woman from Chicago named Kinah has been eating toilet paper for 20 years and has spent over a thousand dollars annually for what she refers to as “the perfect snack.”

According to Kinah, she eats “toilet paper all day, every day, it’s so good, it really hits the spot.” She reveals that she takes a roll of toilet paper with her wherever she goes, even though sometimes she gets weird stares and people take phones out to record her in public. She even has a favorite toilet paper: single ply, since it’s the easiest to eat.

Kinah explains why she eats toilet paper, saying, “I think I crave it because I love the way the toilet paper feels on my tongue, how it dissolves when it hits my tongue.” She has also explained that her toilet paper addiction began when she had to leave her family at a young age to live with her grandmother and aunt.

Her habit of consuming toilet paper does not come without its cost, as Kinah says when she eats too much of her favorite snack she gets stomach pains and has “a hard time going to the bathroom.” Her condition, which is referred to as “xylophagia” (paper-eating disorder) doesn’t worry Kinah, though. “Everyone’s got their weird thing they do and that’s just mine.”

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