A Woman With Down Syndrome Gives Birth to a Boy With the Same Condition and Raises Him as a Single Mom

4 months ago

Against all odds and societal expectations, a woman with Down syndrome successfully gave birth to a baby boy. Not only that, she took on the role of a single mother, facing challenges head-on alongside her precious son, who shares the same condition. With a lot of love and care, she’s been raising her son for 27 years.

People disconnected from her when she got pregnant.

Throughout history, people with Down syndrome have been judged by others regarding parenthood. They were forcefully sterilized in the past, and even though the laws prevent that now, the stereotype remains. Even though Lisa was 30 years old and had a stable job and a boyfriend, when her friends learned that she had gotten pregnant, they cut ties with her. She was seen as a “bad influence.”

Against all odds, Nick was born.

Just like Lisa, her baby boy was also born with Down syndrome. The father, Lisa’s boyfriend at the time, was 25 and had Down syndrome as well. The couple met at work and started dating. He was present by Lisa’s side as she gave birth, but they soon split up.

Lisa’s mother had her back.

Lisa’s mother, Patti, recalls being shocked when her daughter revealed her pregnancy. “I was checking my messages at work, and there was this message from Lisa saying, ’Hi, mom. I just wanted to call to let you know that you’re going to be the grandmother.’” Lisa was living independently at the time, and Patti was aware of her relationship but was under the impression that men with Down syndrome were sterile.

“A lot of people, even close friends, said, ’Patti, you shouldn’t take this on, you can do an open adoption and remain in the baby’s life,” Patti, who was 48 at the time, recalled her experience. She chose to move close to her daughter and help her raise her son, even though she had recently remarried and planned to travel the world.

The 2 women divided roles. Lisa was in charge of Nic’s diaper bag, while Patti would give her notes on what to pack. Lisa changed Nic’s diapers and bathed him under Patti’s supervision. For 2 weeks, Lisa breastfed her baby and switched to formula later.

Nic is grateful to have “2 moms.”

Now a 27-year-old, Nic’s upbringing primarily revolved around his grandma, Patti, who is 75 years old. Meanwhile, Lisa resides in a nearby apartment, maintaining a close connection with Nic, who experienced a significant loss at age 5 when his father died due to a heart condition. Norm, Patti’s husband, whom Nic affectionately called Dad, sadly passed in 2021.

Whenever Nic talks about his beloved mom Lisa, his face lights up, and he can’t help but emphasize how “loving and caring” she is. Their bond is strengthened through joyful moments of playing games together and taking leisurely walks, crafting cherished memories that deepen their connection.

In Nic’s words, Patti is a “great cook,” and he proudly acknowledges her culinary skill. In return, Patti expresses her heartfelt gratitude for having Nic by her side, especially now that Norm is no longer there. Nic’s presence brings invaluable support and assistance, whether helping her reach for objects or tackling stubborn jars.

“I consider myself lucky because I have 2 incredible moms,” Nic beams with appreciation, acknowledging the unique love and support he receives from Lisa and Patti.

Lisa’s story proves that with love and determination, anything is possible. And she’s not the only parent with Down syndrome who is shattering stereotypes. A father with Down syndrome made headlines for raising his son as a doctor, and we can’t help but salute these strong spirits!


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