Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 33, and Wife Sam, 56, Reveal Intimate Holiday Snaps and We Spotted a Curious Detail

8 months ago

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson and actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson crossed paths when she was 41 years old, and he was merely 18. Since then, their relationship has been a subject of much discussion, with some viewing their notable age difference as controversial. Despite their inclination towards maintaining a private life, their social media post has taken fans by storm, garnering an impressive 17 million views and thousands of comments. One detail in the photo stood out in the eyes of most eagle-eyed fans, and it’s one of the most romantic things ever.

Sam Taylor-Johnson, 56, and Aaron, now 33, had a summer getaway and shared their pictures with their online following, captioning it “Summer Romance”. The Fifty Shades of Grey director went make-up free, in a pair of casual jeans and top while Aaron, the rumored James Bond contender, daringly went topless, wearing just a pair of black shorts.

Their holiday marks a little over one year after the beloved couple chose to renew their vows, on their 10th wedding anniversary. Contrary to popular belief and some debates that their relationship manages to spark, some fans praise them for their long-lasting marriage, amidst countless recent news about Hollywood celebrities choosing to divorce after years or decades together.

Upon taking a closer look at the pictures of Aaron Taylor-Johnson without a shirt, you can’t miss the tattoos on his chest, along with his toned abs. These tattoos, created by the famous tattoo artist Docta Woo, include a beautiful hummingbird and the name of his wife, Sam. He got the name tattoo in 2017 to celebrate Sam’s 50th birthday.

4 years later, Sam got a matching tattoo of Aaron’s name on her collarbone as a sweet way to show her love back to her husband.

Despite all the nay-sayers that judge Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnsons’ relationship due to their 23-year age gap, they are one of Hollywood’s longest lasting couples. In a recent interview, the Kick-Ass actor addressed the public’s criticism and let everyone know that Sam is his soulmate, plus he shared the reason why every single day, he wakes up feeling happy.

Preview photo credit samtaylorjohnson / Instagram


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