After 30 Years of Marriage and 7 Kids, Steven Spielberg Still Gushes Over Wife Kate Capshaw

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The ’’honeymoon’’ phase of a relationship usually wears off after a while, but some couples seem to be blessed with an ever-lasting spark. After a 3-decade-long marriage, Steven Spielberg and his wife, Kate Capshaw, are still smitten with each other and their connection is only growing stronger with time. We couldn’t help but wonder how they manage to still be so in love, so we did some research to find out.

They started off as colleagues.


They met in 1984 on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later that the sparks flew, and they started dating.

This was the second marriage for both of them.

Before tying the knot with Kate, Spielberg was married to actress and singer Amy Irving, with whom he had a son named Max. The couple parted ways in 1989, and he and Kate moved in together that same year. Kate also had one marriage behind her at that time, and 2 kids — her biological daughter Jessica and adopted son Theo.

Their family started growing.

Soon after, Steven adopted Theo, who Capshaw was fostering before they got married. In 1990, the happy couple welcomed their first biological child, daughter Sasha. Kate and the kids then converted to Judaism and she got married to Steven the following year. After that, the pair welcomed 2 more biological children: daughter Destry and son Sawyer, and in 1996 they adopted one more daughter, Mikaela.

Steven admits that having a large family wasn’t something he was planning or hoping for. He thought he wouldn’t be able to juggle parenting and his busy career, but he changed his mind over time. One of his sons admits that Steven successfully combines his movie-making talent and being a father: ’’His directing skills have worked both in the cinema and at home.’’ Spielberg also shared that he would tell a different goodnight story every night to each of his 7 kids, similar to what he would do on set.

As their family expanded, Kate took a break from her movie career.

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But in fact, Kate is ’’the leading lady’’ of their family. Capshaw doesn’t regret leaving the spotlight to spend more time with her kids and devote herself to taking care of the family: ’’Steven and I are partners, and our life together is our production," Kate explains, adding that family is more her scene while her husband does movies: ’’He operates his jet — a camera and a story. My jet is the family," she says.

Their marriage is Steven’s driving force.

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Although he is notoriously protective of his private life and rarely discusses it in interviews, Steven admits that this loving marriage was something that changed him in so many ways, saying that finding the love of his life was the greatest ’’character-defining’’ moment for him: ’’This is what happened when I met and married Kate.’’

Honesty and respect come first.

A 3-decade-long happy marriage is a rare gem that speaks volumes about how deeply the couple appreciates and cherishes each other. Kate once shared that she very much respects Steve’s dedication to his career and that he, in return, respects the immensely important role she has in their family. And both of them know the value of honest communication, which is the foundation of any lasting relationship.

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