After Losing an Eye, This Man Created His Own Cyborg Eye, Just Like in a Sci-Fi Movie

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We can’t deny that we live in a world where technology blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. But Brian Stanley’s story seems to come straight from a sci-fi book. After losing his eye to cancer, he faced the challenge head-on and found a way to turn his prosthetic eye into a functional flashlight. Let’s dive into Brian’s world, where nothing can hinder human creativity.

He lost his eye when he was 6 years old.

Brian was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer, when he was just a child. He was then fitted with a prosthetic eye. “I’ve worn a fake eye since I was 6, but I’ve been wearing my titanium prosthetics for over 5 years, and I began putting lights in them 2 years ago,” he says.

He grew up to be an engineer.

He studied engineering and became a prototype machinist and CNC programmer. We don’t know whether or not his condition affected his choice of major, but we are sure that his educational background helped him transform his prosthetic eyeball into a fully-functioning flashlight.

He named it The Titanium Cyborg Eye.

The gadget geek calls his invention the Titanium Cyborg Eye. The TikTok he shared demonstrates its capabilities, and it left viewers with their minds blown. It quickly went viral, with over 1.6 million views and more than 45,000 comments from people all over the world.

He has a diversified collection of prosthetics.

Brian’s love for crafting prosthetic eyes has only increased over time — he now possesses a collection of homemade artificial eyes. “I’ve made myself quite a few prosthetics,” he explained. “Most of them are titanium. I have a total of 13 LED prosthetics, between 2 different design variations, and at least another 14 regular titanium prosthetics that I can apply various colors, designs, and emblems onto.”

He hopes he can help others.

Brian’s prosthetic eye collection is currently just for himself. However, he is hopeful that he can offer his work to others in the future. He also wants to take it one step further and complete a project with “multiple pupils to emit light from.”

Brian’s insights and dexterity have the potential to help many. “My godson also lost his eye to cancer when he was 5. I love seeing this innovative option that he has for his future,” one commenter wrote.

When life gave him lemons, he made lemonade.

Brian’s experience reminds us that we can find ways to make the most of our circumstances. He turned what could have been a negative experience into something positive and found a way to bring a little light into the world. Although he no longer has sight in his eye, he gave it the power to illuminate, and that is something extraordinary.

Who is the person that inspires you the most?


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