Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Are About to Welcome Their Fifth Baby and Share Its Heartbeat With the World

4 years ago

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are a great example of a couple who cares and shares. They showed us that happy marriages exist with their many kids and hugs and kisses, even after many years. And now there’s even more proof that they continue to carry on eternal family values.

We at Bright Side are happy to receive the good news about the new baby in the Baldwin family and would love to share with you how Hilaria and Alec have built their happy world together.

They fell in love and didn’t see any borders.

They met 9 years ago in Manhattan and their world was changed forever. Hilaria Thomas was a yoga instructor and she never expected to become a recognizable name. But Hilaria and Alec happened to be at the same place. Later, the actor confessed on Instagram: “My friend and I sat down (outside!) and as I turned to my left, I saw a woman who would change my life. Entirely. Thanks for all you’ve given me. You are a gift.

Their 26-year age difference didn't seem to be a problem because their feelings were mutual. Back in the early days, Hilaria said that she didn’t think too much about the age gap. And from there, their love began to blossom. For 6 weeks they went on the most romantic dates and spent evenings together without even kissing. They were simply trying to get to know each other. Alec knew that this woman was special to him.

They decided to build a family.

Everything went fast for them after that day. The couple got engaged in 2012 and got married the same year. 4 beautiful babies became proof of their undying love. In one interview, Hilaria opened up about Alec as a father. And she could say only good things.

She shared that you never know how things will go and how the father of your kids is going to behave. However, she said, "Alec is really great. He wakes up with me every single time that she [the baby] wakes up. He’s sweet."

Their fifth pregnancy wasn't easy.

In less than a year, Hilaria had 2 miscarriages. Her emotional Instagram post made lots of users who had the same experience share their feelings too. Hilaria wrote, "We're very sad to share that today we learned that our baby passed away at 4 months. We also want you to know that even though we are not okay right now, we will be. We are so lucky with our 4 healthy babies — and we will never lose sight of this."

They didn't lose faith and kept trying. And in the year 2019, they received a present: their fifth baby!

Doctors say that everything is going well.

"Just got the great news that all is well and all is healthy with this little munchkin," Hilaria announced on the 6th of April. On her video post on Instagram, we can see her happy face and even hear sounds of a little heart that's getting ready to explore the world.

We wish Hilaria a successful delivery and have a great love for anyone that can help lead others to peace and balance.

How many families with more than 2 kids do you know? What kind of family do you dream of having? Please share your dreams with us!


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