An Artist Draws Comics About Girls’ Everyday Lives That Every Girl Can Relate To

2 years ago

We all have to face it: being a female can sometimes be challenging. Choosing the perfect outfit or finding ways to spend less money are some of the struggles that girls face daily. Amby Vaingankar, an artist from India, finds inspiration in those little everyday difficulties and turns them into comics.

We at Bright Side want to thank Amby for honestly depicting girls’ everyday lives and struggles. Here are 15 comics that every girl will find relatable.

1. If only we had a mirror in front of us all the time...

2. Asking for help might be harder than it looks.

3. Cleaning a room is never just cleaning a room.

4. Confidence is what makes you a good driver.

5. There’s a fine line between making a good financial plan and finding an excuse for eating a lot.

6. Mood swings are A THING...

7. It’s all about finding someone who will bear the unbearable.

8. Earning money will never be as easy as spending it.

9. Never forget to read an email 500 times before sending it...and after you send it.

10. No matter how hard you try to run away from it, the mess you’ve made will always be waiting for you.

11. Your mom may overestimate your abilities.

12. Leaving the bed will always be the hardest part of the day.

13. The cure for boredom is hidden in the fridge.

14. Dentists just love having small talk with you while fixing your teeth.

15. A cute outfit is not always a warm outfit.

Which of these comics did you find most relatable? Tell us about other little things that, as a girl, you struggle with daily.

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Preview photo credit gotta_sketchum_all/Instagram


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