An Artist Shows Us That All Pets Are Perfectly Adorable, Even With Their Unique Imperfections

3 years ago

Isa, better known as Pet Disneyfication, is a very talented artist who turns your pets into enchanting Disney characters. Her work doesn’t only focus on picture-perfect pets. It also shows that animals who have been born different or that have suffered injuries are just as sweet and adorable as the others, and they too deserve to be Disney-fied.

We haven’t stopped smiling here at Bright Side since the moment we first laid our eyes on these special pets, and we hope that they’ll make you smile too!

1. Teagan

2. Duck

3. Spinach

4. Danette

5. Mishka

6. Juniper

7. Brodie

8. Chupey

9. Memphis

10. Albert

11. Cricket

12. Roo

13. Willow

14. Squish

15. Helix

Which one of these pets won your heart? Do you have any special pets yourself?


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