An Artist Turns Garbage Into Spectacular Sculptures, and It’s Another Call to Protect the Planet

4 years ago

In order to attract people’s attention to the problem of worldwide pollution, Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo, whose Instagram account has already gained more than 200,000 followers, started to create stunning animal sculptures from trash. The artist confesses that he belongs to a generation that is consumeristic and greedy which leads to a lot of waste and pollution. He creates sculptures under the motto “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” making them from the objects that can harm the animals he depicts.

We at Bright Side wish Artur good luck with his art and feel eager to share with you some of his trash masterpieces.

1. Fox

2. Puppy

3. Green Grasshopper

4. Pig

5. Bee


7. Hedgehog

8. Iguana

9. Orangutans

10. Elephant

11. Bears

12. Canary

13. Turtle

14. Half Rabbit

15. Rooster

16. Lab Rat

17. Filthy Whale

18. Bear

19. Skunk

20. A turtle in an ocean of plastic bottles

21. Octopus

22. Flamingos

23. Pelican

24. Salamander

Is there any street art in the city where you live? Will you show it to us in the comments, please?

Preview photo credit BORDALO II / Instagram


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