An Austrian Photographer Captures Uproarious Moments From Wild Animals’ Lives Like No One Else Can

4 years ago

Julian Rad is an unusual photographer who creates artwork with the most unexpected heroes. His models never specifically pose or listen to instructions. They simply live their own lives and it’s what makes Rad’s photographs even more beautiful.

We at Bright Side can’t get enough of these little creatures that hang on corn, smell the flowers, and fool around with each other. So today, we invite you to recharge with positivity and sweetness along with us.

1. Never give up and get that nutlet!

2. How can one resist not blowing off the dandelion?

3. Shooting an animal magazine cover

4. Sharing means caring.

5. A kiss for a snowman

6. Squirrel-hood

7. “I’m beautiful and I know it.”

8. It’s impossible to break away from this delicious corn.

9. “I can smell spring.”

10. “Oh, somebody’s watching me?”

11. Creating love

12. Kung fu squirrel

13. “I’ve got to hurry if I’m going to make it on time!”

14. “Get down, dude! Let me try this berry.”

15. “Is the water warm enough to swim?”

16. Adorned with flowers

17. Singing together

18. Fight club

19. Looking in the mirror

20. “Ah, what a smell!”

21. Soaring with happiness

22. A big appetite

23. “What a funny joke! I can’t stop laughing!”

Do you get along with animals? Would you like to spend some time with them in the wild?


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I love photographers who spend their careers taking pictures of animals at their most selves


These are just too adorable. Loved the first one for sure ???


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