An Elderly Couple Dresses So Elegantly, Their Outfits Can Outshine Any Catwalk

2 years ago

It’s never too late to dress to the nines or even tens. An elderly couple from Germany shows us how to bring some color into the world. Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöft have garnered lots of fans on Instagram, and their following continues to grow. We’re also happy to present you with Britt’s story that she shared with us.

Bright Side proves that aging is just as cool as adolescence.

Britt confessed that she didn’t intend to start a blog, just a regular account. Her friends inspired her to do it.

When we asked Britt if she was comfortable being the center of attention, she gave a wise answer. Every success, to her, is a challenge to her shyness. It gives her a special responsibility to spread the joy of life, as well as authenticity, creativity, courage, truthfulness, and the possibility to have fun and be an inspiration to everyone.

It’s also curious how Britt chooses outfits for the day. She makes her clothes herself and spends a lot of time designing them and looking for material (it has to be natural). She finds it mostly in thrift stores or secondhand shops. When it’s time to get ready, she chooses clothing according to her mood and picks the items that go together best. As a rule, it shouldn’t take much time.

Günther taught her how to use Instagram. As for TikTok, she doesn’t use it because it would consume too much of her precious time, and Britt simply wants to enjoy life.

Do you dress up when you go out? Do you like being the center of attention?


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Britt is a incredibly creative and talented designer and seamstress. Her skills are top notch. I'd wear anything she creates. They both look very extravagant and classy in her outfits. They're completely adorable together and I love their playfulness and passion for life. They're amazing!


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