An Image Designer From Riga Helps People Find Their Style, and the Results Are Impressive

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5 years ago

Konstantin Bogomolov is a recognized and celebrated Latvian image designer and fashion analyst who has dedicated most of his career so far to finding the best looks for people. He has managed to transform many ordinary people into stylish, elegant figures that look nothing like their previous selves. His students are also taught to treat each person with respect and care in an effort to unveil their true self through image making. Their transformations are no less impressive than their teacher’s.

Bright Side chose 19 examples of Bogomolov’s and his students’ image transformations that best serve the quote, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

1. Inese (26), the manager

2. Gita (33), the manager

3. Marina (57), the posh pensioner

4. Nadezhda (44), the accountant

5. Indra (38), the clothing designer

6. Nadezhda (69), the elegant pensioner

His Students’ Work

7. Svitlana (37), the fashion blogger

8. Mila (54), the marketing expert

9. Mikhail (48), the expert real estate agent

10. Asel (33), the sales manager

11. Elena (52), the experienced attorney

12. Loreta (55), the bioenergetics consultant

13. Jolanta (53), the entrepreneur

14. Andina (62), the civil servant

15. Aleksandr (36), the auto-mechanic

16. Tatyana (54), the elegant housewife

17. Elena (44), the economist

18. Oksana (34), the company leading specialist

19. Natalia (47), the schoolteacher

Do you agree that image itself can transform the perception of one person from those around them? Please share your thoughts down in the comments section.


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