“Are They Rescues?” Father of 5 Uses Leashes to Keep His Children Safe, and People Quickly Jump to Judge

Jordan Driskell recently posted a video where he showed how he takes his 5 kids out in public spaces. The clip gathered more than 4 million views, and it divided people into 2 camps: those who praised the dad for using the leashes and those against it, although the latter group was really tiny. We were lucky enough to ask Jordan some questions, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Whenever we find a story that needs to be shared, Bright Side makes sure you are in the loop. Here’s how Jordan keeps his children safe and how he and his wife came up with the idea.

Becoming parents was not an easy journey for Jordan and his wife, Briana.

Briana and Jordan have tried for a baby for the better part of 2 years and after no results, they started fertility treatments. On round 5, at the ultrasound, they found out that there were going to have not 1, not 2, but 5 babies!

The best part of being a father, according to Jordan, is being a kid again. “Watching them do all the fun things we used to do as kids and seeing how much they enjoy it.”

Using child leashes was a necessity for the couple.

When the couple realized the quintuplets were too big for strollers and that going into large public areas would’ve proved to be difficult, they knew they had to think outside the box. That’s how they came up with using child leashes; a solution for “too many kids and not enough hands.”

People’s opinions were supportive of the dad of 5.

Jordan told Bright Side that they don’t use the leashes that often because with 5 kids, they “don’t really go out that much.” However, when he posted the now-viral video, people loved to share their supportive opinions.

  • Better safe than sorry. If I had that many, I would do the same. Rock on!!! @jensen_james10
  • With 5 kids, you need that — responsible parenting right here! @largerthanlifeliz
  • Considering my 2-year-old tried to bolt into the street, yeah, we use leashes too now. @_thetwistedtwig
  • I can literally hear my granny say, “What have people become of?” The thing is this may look weird, but times have changed rapidly, so being extra protective now is a whole new job. @gerta_qose
  • The fact that this father even watches his 5 children by himself & takes them all out, is amazing to me! I was never that lucky & couldn’t even get my children’s father to watch them just so I could have a shower! This man is doing what he has to do to protect his children & keep them safe! I personally applaud him!!! He is exemplary of what a real man/husband/father should be! Thank you, sir, for showing that men like you really truly do exist. @anjyloflove

As usual, adverse reactions were not late to the party.

Most of the people who made comments like these, according to Driskell, are people who probably don’t have multiple kids or maybe any kids at all.

Jordan’s advice for people who want to use child leashes

For people who would want to use child leashes, but are afraid of people’s reaction, Jordan wants to share this: “Just focus on you and your child. It’s honestly nobody’s business, except yours. Your kid isn’t being harmed, and they’re safe with you. The world is an unsafe place, and it shouldn’t matter what you do, as long as your kids’ safety is your priority.

What do you think of parents who use child leashes? Have your parents used safety harnesses on you, or would you ever use them on your kids? Let us know in the comments.

If you want to follow The Driskells on their unleashed adventure, you can do so on Instagram: @drixxleman, @driskell_quints_dad, @driskell_quints_mom, on Facebook: @workingclassrapper @DriskellQuints, and for videos, here is their TikTok: @drixxleman.

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We used reins when our children were small, it gives them some independence but you are able to ensure their safety - eg they can't run out into the road or wander off. They are an excellent idea!


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