Artist Creates a Surreal World That Seems to Be Straight Out of Salvador Dali’s Dreams

4 years ago

Inspiration can come to us anywhere and anytime, especially if you are German photoshop artist Justin Peters. He creates images that can take you to another world, by making the ordinary extraordinary with his combination of images and objects. These surreal images may very well ignite your imagination as you enter his world.

Because his images are so awesome, here at Bright Side we just had to share some of his best work with you.

1. A jellyfish mermaid

2. A waterfall bride

3. A hat for the desert heat

4. A scenic umbrella

5. The rising moon

6. A candle tower

7. A sick earth

8. Jumping above the mist

9. A treelephant

10. Down by the lake

11. A journey to the sea

12. A horse riding the stormy waves

13. A view across the earth

14. A penguin-butterfly

15. Writing on vacation

Which is your favorite cross-over by Justin Peters? We would love to know if you are as in awe of them as we are!


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Wow, these Photoshop abilities are just unbelievable!


The Waterfall Bride, Rising above the mist , and the horse riding the storm ! :)


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