At 88, Sophia Loren Feels Young and Follows Five Life Lessons

6 months ago

Sophia Loren, a true icon of the silver screen, has captivated audiences worldwide with her remarkable talent and timeless beauty. As a five-time Golden Globe-winning actress, she has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Even at the age of 88, Loren continues to exude a youthful spirit and energy that transcends time.

The first and foremost lesson she emphasized is the importance of inner happiness and self-assurance. When she gazes into the mirror, she doesn’t seek validation of her beauty or greatness externally. Instead, what truly matters to her is how she feels inside, her contentment, and her security.

In an interview, she candidly expressed feeling much younger than her age, stating, “Sometimes [...] I don’t believe it. I feel 20.”

Maintaining close ties with her children and grandchildren is the next significant ingredient in her recipe for a fulfilling life. Though living in Switzerland while her family resides elsewhere, Loren makes the most of technology to stay connected with her loved ones.

Another wisdom she imparts is the practice of savoring the little joys of life and dismissing negativity. She firmly believes in embracing the natural process of aging, cherishing oneself as they are and not seeking to alter their body or persona to fit societal expectations.

Having endured the loss of her husband, Carlo Ponti, more than a decade ago, Loren acknowledges the importance of accepting life’s inevitable realities. Although she experienced profound sadness during her husband’s passing, she accepts that one can never completely overcome such feelings of loss, but that’s just part of life’s journey.

Furthermore, Loren’s secret to staying young is her passion for her work, particularly acting. She sees acting as her life and her true calling, which is why retirement is not on her horizon. With a smile, she proudly declares, “Sophia forever!”

When asked about moments of self-doubt or feeling lost, she candidly admits that she has experienced such emotions. However, she quickly reminds herself to be strong, push forward, learn from mistakes, and embrace victories.

Sophia Loren’s remarkable life is a testament to the wisdom she shares with the world. Her positive outlook, focus on inner happiness, and commitment to her craft are just some of the key factors that have contributed to her enduring success and youthful spirit.


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