Bindi Irwin Pays a Loving Tribute to Her Late Dad Steve on His 61st Birthday

Steve Irwin’s passing in 2006 was a big shock to his fans, and his absence still feels fresh in our hearts. Lucky for us, Irwin’s legacy is being carried on by his lovely children, Bindi and Robert. It’s hard to believe, but this year, Steve would’ve turned 61. And his daughter didn’t let that bittersweet day pass into the unknown without remembering her dear dad in the best way possible.

Bindi took to Instagram to once again highlight how Steve shaped her life and personality, even in the years since he’s been gone: “Happy Birthday, Dad. Thank you for instilling a love for all species, courage to follow my heart, and determination to make a difference in the world for wildlife and wild places.”

She then continued to remind us of what a big influence Irwin’s documentaries have had on the world: “Your legacy lives on, and the world is forever changed because of your dedication to conservation.” Bindi ended her tribute in a way that made our eyes water: “Mum, Robert, and I love and miss you so much.”

Irwin’s children work tirelessly to make sure that the world never forgets his environmental work, as well as his warm heart. Bindi and Robert star in the TV show Crikey! It’s the Irwins, along with their mom. The show documents how the family works at the Australia Zoo and takes care of various animals, just like we all used to watch Steve do.

This is also not the first time Bindi has sweetly remembered her dad. In 2020, she got married to Chandler Powell in that same Australia Zoo where the family works. Bindi revealed that the location was extra important for her: “The most important thing is getting married here at Australia Zoo because this is where I feel closest to Dad.


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