Twilight Will Return to Our Screens as a TV Series — Here’s What a Fresh Cast Could Look Like

year ago

It has been nearly a decade since the captivating Twilight saga graced the silver screen with its last installment. However, there is some thrilling news for fans worldwide as producers have officially confirmed a highly anticipated reboot of the movies. The Twilight saga will make its triumphant return, this time in the form of an exciting TV series.

While the status of the original cast remains uncertain, we have delved into the realm of imagination and envisioned the characters portrayed by other beloved actors. Prepare to be amazed by the stunning results.

1. Jenna Ortega as Bella Swan

2. Timothee Chalamet as Edward Cullen

3. Brie Larson as Esme Cullen

4. Camila Mendes as Rosalie Hale

5. Austin Butler as Jasper Hale

6. Lily Collins as Alice Cullen

7. Jeremy Pope as Laurent

8. Sebastian Stan as Carlisle Cullen

9. Harry Styles as Jacob Black


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as much as i love twilight and harry, harry being jacob in the movie will just be really weird


I agree completely, and have to say that I think his popularity and current level of status, as an actor, exceeds that of a weekly series. I think he displayed some very talented acting in Don't Worry Darling and it would seem like a step down for him to accept a part in a TV series at this time.


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