How the Wardrobe of Harry Styles Evolved From T-Shirts and Jeans to Ruffled Blouses and Lilac Boas

3 years ago

Harry Styles is often called one of the best-dressed celebrities, and there’s a reason for that. The musician loves to stun the public with his bold fashion choices, and we often see him stepping out in brightly colored outfits, ruffled blouses, floral suits, shirts with lace collars, and strings of pearls. But Styles has not always been such a sharp dresser, and his passion for fashion started with simple outfits, similar to the kind many of us have in our own closets.

We at Bright Side picked 20 signature Harry Styles looks and placed them in chronological order to see how the singer’s style evolved with time, and here is the lookbook we came up with.

2012: keeping it simple — a T-shirt with a red heart-shaped detail and black pants

2012: good old classics — a grey jacket with a white shirt and black pants

2013: twisting classics by adding a heart-printed shirt

2013: going a little bit wilder with a leopard print shirt and ripped jeans

2014: jeans, a velvet jacket, and a “shabby” sweater underneath

2014: bold red stripes on an otherwise classic male suit

2015: a sport-chic look with a colorful “jungle” jacket

2015: in full bloom with a black and white floral suit and a contrasting shirt

2016: a short throwback moment to his T-shirt and jeans

2017: a classic suit with a bold color choice

2017: total black with a curious detail — a tuxedo jacket, a classic shirt, and pants with red and white embroidery

2017: more colors and textures — a black and red suit with diamond print and a white ascot blouse

2018: a black and white floral suit again, but this time, paired with a black ascot blouse

2019: a blue suit with white details, giving strong navy vibes

2019: a jaw-dropping romantic look with a transparent ruffled blouse, tailored pants, a black manicure, and an eye-catching pearl earring

2020: attention to detail — a classic look livened up by an intricate lace shirt collar, a string of pearls, and shoes with cut-outs

2020: a love for contrast with a marigold 3-piece suit and a lilac scarf

2020: yellow again with a polka-dot sweater vest and a striped shirt with wide striped pants

2020: his favorite lace shirt collar and a string of pearls, this time paired with a deep blue sweater and green pants

2021: a new twist on the yellow and lilac combo with a sharp look composed of a yellow plaid jacket, brown pants, and a lilac boa

Do you like the way Harry Styles dresses? Which of his looks is your favorite?


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