20 Guys Who Cut Off Their Long Hair, and Now They Look Like Super Stars

2 years ago

There are many ways to change your looks. You can buy new shoes, for example, or sport piercings and tattoos. But one of the simplest ways to change this up is by getting a new, totally different haircut. And this relates not only to women but also to men who can get an unbelievable makeover in a hair salon.

The heroes of our article dared to get a new haircut, and their look changed dramatically. At Bright Side, we admire their courage and cool results.

“I had long hair for 4 years, and there you are. I feel great!”

“I chopped off 1.5 years of hair growth!”

“I got plenty of ideas on how to cut my long hair. How did I do?”

“Just like John Malkovich!”

“I finally decided to chop the flow and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“My chances of going on a date have increased tremendously.”

“A few days ago, I suddenly wanted to change radically.”

“I took the plunge and got my hair cut.”

“I finally decided to go to the barber after a period of no self-care.”

“I had doubts about my long hair. I took the plunge and got it cut and couldn’t feel any better!”

“I just cut my hair after 18 months of growing it out.”

“You look like Post Malone, only without face tattoos.”

“The shorter hair definitely looks better. Good decision!”

“I’ve had a big change.”

“Fantastic! Both styles are great, but the short one suits you well.”

“Wow! The difference is crazy!”

“I was so scared, but the feedback has been amazing and I love it!”

“You went from 1975 to 1994.”

“I said goodbye to my long hair.”

  • Really nice change! You’re gifted with a strong jawline and your long hair distracted from that. © Sevuhrow / Reddit

“New cut, new me”

Did you ever experiment with your look? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Theseus-2 / Reddit


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